Cantom’s Recommended Books

On this page are books that Cantom has read and found useful in the past.

The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008

This is a book on recession theory by Paul Krugman, winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics. He clearly explains what happens during a recession using a model that is easy for the average reader to visualize. He explains the role of central banks in a way that anyone can understand. Although not mentioned in the book, there is a continuation of the Babysitter’s Association model, in which inflation occurred as a result of over-exposure to tickets. This overlaps nicely with the inflation after the Corona disaster. This is an old book, but by reading this book, you may be able to visualize what will happen after the Lehman Shock, the Corona Disaster, and the next crash.

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21st Century Monetary Policy: The Federal Reserve from the Great Inflation to COVID-19

Ben Bernanke, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2022, will discuss the history of monetary policy. Ben Bernanke is very famous for his extraordinary monetary easing after the Lehman Shock as the president of the Fed. The book begins with an explanation of monetary policy in the 20th century and then shifts to monetary policy in the 21st century and beyond. Bernanke’s influence on monetary policy after him was so great that it was valuable for me as an investor to know what he was thinking and doing.

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