About Cantom

Thank you for visiting Cantom’s profile page.

On this page, I will give you a brief introduction of myself. (This is a loose self-introduction.)

What does Cantom do for a living?

I am an ordinary office worker working for an IT company in Canada. In the summer, I hustle in my vegetable garden.

About Cantom’s Investment Experience

I have over 10 years of investment experience but only continued analyzing as a hobby from 2016 to 2018. I gradually returned to the market in about 2020 to get serious about asset building for my family.

Why were you away from the market?

The reason was that he came to Canada after studying abroad and did not want to expose his tuition fees to risk assets.

Why did you open Cantom Investment Strategy?

This is because, as far as I know, no sites published investment analyses that I felt I could rely on. There are many websites that publish investment methods, but I think few confidently tell you “when” their methods are reproducible. Therefore, I decided to disclose my method of adjusting my investment style by looking at the economic cycle based on central bank policies.

What is your first investment experience?

I was doing FX for a swap. I didn’t make much profit in total, but it was a good learning experience. If I were asked if I would choose it again as an investment, I would not do it actively because I have learned about more attractive markets.

What is your favorite investment?

Depending on the economic situation, in a bear market, bonds and commodities offer the best balance of risk and return. In a bull market, we would concentrate our investments on the stock market.

What is your investment style?

I think I fall into the category of a swing trader because of my active trading style. I try to select stocks with a good balance of risk-reward by observing central bank policies and market trends. On the other hand, I manage assets for my family separately, and those assets are passively managed with a focus on bonds. However, the basic investment policy is similar and we rebalance the portfolio according to the economic cycle.

What technical analysis do you use?

I use simple shape analysis and equilibrium at a glance most of the time. After that, I don’t think we use anything special like MACD or Stochastics.

What do you consider essential to your survival as an investor?

It is all about cutting losses. Learning how to minimize losses is most important.

What should a novice investor invest in?

If you are the type of person who wants to think theoretically and ride the market, I strongly recommend government bonds. On the other hand, if you are the type of person who wants to achieve results through short-term trades with an emphasis on technicals as if you were playing a game, stocks with high volatility are good for you. For the latter type of person, risk management is really important.